What Don’t Men Compete On the Balance Beam In Gymnastics?

There are many differences between gymnastics events for men and women. One big difference comes from how the balance beam is used in the women’s discipline and not in the men’s discipline. It is a particularly interesting aspect of gymnastics but it is an exciting activity for all people to watch regardless of this.

The balance beam is a critical aspect of gymnastics. It is especially a popular part of gymnastics in the Olympics. That doesn’t mean just anyone can compete on it. There are many good reasons why the balance beam is not a part of the men’s discipline.

It Focuses More On Art

Men who compete in gymnastics often focus on using their muscles to achieve some impressive acrobatic feats and to show that their bodies are fast. In addition, they also want to show that their reflexes can work perfectly. Many events for women will do the same.

Things are different in terms of the balance beam. In this case, the balance beam is designed with a more artistic style in mind. That is, it places a strict emphasis on a woman’s ability to perform impressive feats of flexibility and movement on a slim surface. While it is true that one’s strength and agility are also factored into the mix, the artistic nature of the performance is especially a key. This is a big part of why only women compete on the balance beam.

Dance is Emphasized

Most routines for men do not place an emphasis on dance. The balance beam, on the other hand, has a strong series of rules on how to dance elements can be added. A typical routine particularly requires two dance elements with one of them being a leap, hop or jump with the legs in a 180-degree split at some point.

Gymnastics events for men do not necessarily focus on dancing but they are critical for women. The strong requirement for a balance beam routine to have a dance element to it makes it an essential routine for all women to enter into.

The Surface Is Tough To Move On

The most noteworthy part of what makes the balance beam so challenging is that the surface is tough to move on. That’s because it is a very narrow space for any gymnast to get onto.

A typical balance beam will be about ten centimetres or four inches wide. This is in accordance with the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique, the main governing body of the sport of gymnastics.

This narrow body means that there is very little room for error when trying to get balance beam routines up and running. In addition, it requires a gymnast to have plenty of balance when performing any routine.

This is a huge reason as to why men do not show up in these gymnastics events. The narrow body can be very hard for a typical man to get onto.

The balance beam is more than just a simple device used in gymnastics. It is also a unit that is designed to create a good challenge for any competitor to get into. It is also a unit that only women compete on. The dance element of the performance and the basic requirements that come out of competing are all big reasons as to why this is not an aspect of gymnastics for men.

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