The Main Keys to a Successful Performance on the Rings

The rings are important points in a gymnastics routine for all to see. This is a popular routine that men always compete in. While some women have participated in ring exercises in the past, this is a routine that is particularly for men because it requires a greater deal of upper body strength than any other routine.

However, this strength is not the only thing that a gymnast will have to use in order to be successful while on the rings. There are several particular needs that have to be met when getting a good performance on the rings up and running.

Proper Swings Have to Work

A number of swings may be used during a ring exercise. These include such movements as a swing to the L-sit position. This is where the person will have one’s legs extended out in front of one’s body. This will put the body at a right angle. This is by far the most commonplace movement that gymnasts make while on the rings.

A straddled L-sit may also be used. This is where the legs will be split in a 180-degree angle and will create two right angles between the legs and the rest of the body.

This is a great routine that requires more than just strength. It also includes the need to show one’s overall flexibility.

Other Swings May Work

Some additional swings can be used in many forms including ones that involve the need to hold certain positions. These include a handstand position among many others. These are designed to allow the person to move into different positions. In addition, if a person can hold different positions then that gymnast will get better results out of the judges’ scores. This is thanks to that person showcasing one’s overall strength when working out.

A Good Dismount is Required

A proper dismount has to be used to make it easier for a quality routine to run as needed. A discount will involve the gymnast getting off of the rings with a slight bit of propulsion heading upwards. The gymnast must also land flat on one’s feet. This works best when that gymnast lands on both feet at the same time. The gymnast must do this the right way in order to have a better routine and to become more likely to have a better rating according to the judges. If the dismount is uneven then a penalty can be issued against the gymnast.

Nothing Should Be Bent

It is especially vital that the gymnast who performs keeps his arms and legs straight at all times. If anyone has bent arms during any strength element then some deductions can be made.

Don’t Use the Cables or Straps for Balance

Also, a gymnast cannot use the cables or straps for balancing purposes. If a gymnast uses them for these purposes then that person can be penalized. In fact, if the cables swing far too many times during the routine then the gymnast can also be penalized.

The need to keep a good gymnastics routine up and running is critical for all people who want to be successful in this discipline. This is a discipline that requires plenty of strength and skill. The rings may look simple but they are very challenging.

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