How Can You Get a Good Vault Performance Going?

The vault is a big part of gymnastics for both men and women to get into. It has a simple look to it in that it features a fine body that a gymnast will leap off of as well as a trampoline used for getting onto the vault and a mat to land on.

However, this is a very deceptively complex routine that only the best gymnasts can pull off well. The vault is important for all to explore as it can entail a good deal of work in order to make a routine worthwhile.

A Good Run is Needed

The first point for anyone to watch will be to take a look at the way how one runs up to the vault. An 82-foot run-up is needed in order to reach the vault. This must be used to assist in propelling the body up to a good height. This is needed to make routine work a little better.

This is especially important as it makes it easier for a gymnast to get up and onto the vault. A good run-up is needed considering how the vault will be 4.43 feet high for a man or 4.1 feet high for a woman.

In fact, a good run is necessary because it makes it easier for the gymnast to get off the ground and to move as far from the vault as possible while landing. If a gymnast fails to move far or go high then that gymnast may be penalized for failing to do this.

An Even Flip is Necessary

There will be a need to have a good flip that fits in quite well. Specifically, a flip should include an even movement where the body will not look unusual. The body must be consistent in its look with the arms and legs paired as closely together as possible.

In addition, at least one complete flip or twist is needed. A gymnast can go for more at any time but it is always important to at least have some semblance of flipping or twisting. Failing to be more effective in this process can result in some real penalties during a performance.

A Clear Landing is Needed

A good landing must be used to make the overall performance work as well as it should. There must not be any hops or steps in the landing. The feet should also be flat on the ground at the end. This must work well enough to create a better look at the routine that really fits in for whatever the gymnast wants to do with that performance at large.

The landing essentially has to work as it does on the rings or any other routine where a dismount is to occur. If a gymnast fails to stick a landing then the effort that came during an actual routine will be all for nought.

A vault performance can be great for anyone to watch when it comes to gymnastics. This is a great activity that will definitely be worth watching but it is especially essential for all people who compete on the vault to have all the right moves when performing.

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